Training Through Simulation

Training divisions in organization choose all sorts of ways to train their employees: courses, training, continuing education program, lectures, E-learning, personal coaching, group coaching and many other ways.

Training in organization provides an answer to all kind of needs: from training new employee until the completion of the training process and repetition of specific procedures/process in the company. The purpose of the training is to give the organization member tools to fulfill the company’s target.

Simulation Centers
Simulation centers require the integration of various systems: video and audio recording, PA systems, feedback systems, resources management interface, and most importantly - a tool for debriefing the recorded experiences.
Berale establishes simulation centers from design to operation. Our solution addresses all the processes associated with management and operation of a simulation center.
Add-on for Simulation
Upgrade your simulator
SimBoost is a comprehensive solution for simulator manufacturers. The product equips and supports simulators with extra capabilities. It provides detailed evaluation of the trainee’s performance, integrates soft skills evaluation with trainee's performance data (imported from the simulator) and allows consolidated debriefing of several trainees.
The Solution
The product is suitable for any training discipline, combining organization’s context with the simulator field. It also offers data research and analysis using BI component, and manages the simulation centre resources.

SimBoost is an off-the-shelf product with customization option, created by experts in training and instruction methodology.

The Workflow

The module displays a briefing that includes: Explanation about the training. Required achievements definition. Important issues and highlights. Video segments of previous trainings from a VOD stock. Conclusions of previous trainings, points to improve and points to preserve.


The module fully documents the training using: Several video cameras. Microphones for atmosphere recording. Screen capturing. Data importing from the simulator


The module shows the viewers, in the control room, both the training course and the relevant questions for each training stage. The feedback results are summarized and weighed for further discussion. The module enables the guide and the viewers to create notes for debriefing, adding their own comments, or recording voice comments.


The trainees watch short video segments that display the training from all inputs. The module displays graphs, reports and analysis of the training measures. The trainees then can draw conclusions and analyze their own performance.


The trainee receives a personal report that includes all relevant segments. The feedback can be produced in print form, DVD or online.